Installation Guide

Instructions on how to install NeoFloor SPC flooring.

As a new and prominent flooring material on the market in recent times, NeoFloor SPC flooring is favored by its quality, high aesthetics, and many outstanding features compared to traditional flooring types. In particular, the installation of the product is extremely easy, which can save up to 30% of time and costs. If you follow the correct installation procedure, you can completely install the product yourself. In this article, NeoFloor will guide you step by step to install NeoFloor SPC flooring in detail and easily.

Neo Floor SPC flooring – super simple self-installation

The reason why NeoFloor SPC flooring can be installed easily is because the product is integrated with Unilin smart lock technology to help link the floorboards. This is a compound lock system; the grafting mechanism is quite simple so anyone can learn and do it.

With exclusive and perfect designs, Unilin’s locking c technology offers many advantages: helping to hold the floor slab in place, creating a large bonding force. In addition, this locking technology also improves waterproof, moisture resistance, keeps the floor from warping, ensures expansion and tightness when there is a change in temperature and environmental humidity.

Necessary tools to install NeoFloor SPC flooring.

To install, in addition to preparing a sufficient number of floorings, you only need very simple installation tools:

  • Rubber hammer
  • Tape measure, ruler
  • Pencil
  • Paper knives
  • Tape, padding.
  • Pliers

Details of steps to install NeoFloor SPC flooring:

Step 1: Check the background layer

It is possible to construct NeoFloor SPC flooring on brick, stone, cement, etc., just need to reach a certain flatness. Before construction, it is necessary to ensure that the floor surface is dry, clean, and free of water.

Step2: Installation

Should be installed vertically in the room if this dimension is less than 15m. You should install it in the direction from the main door or horizontally if the length of the room is over 15m.

For maximum aesthetic effect, cut off 30cm of top plank. Install so that the ends of each bar are staggered, 1/3 apart of the plate length. Note that the required distance between the base of the wall and the edge of the floor is at least 5-7mm because this is a safe distance for the expansion of the entire floor during use.

To attach the bracket in step 3, leave 5mm between the wall and the board to install the spacer, fix it temporarily with adhesive tape.

NeoFloor SPC flooring uses a yin and yang locking system to link the floor slabs. Place the slab at a 45-degree angle and fit it into the joint. Once the floorboard is on the correct foot, gently press down with your hand so that the floorboard is flat. Next, gently tap with a rubber hammer to help seal the joints, which in help keep the floor level.

Installation in the last rows: Note that the distance of 5 -7 mm is the minimum distance between the edge of the floor and the base of the wall. Measure the size of the last row of flooring by placing it snugly against the last row, using another board as a ruler parallel to the floor (5 -7 mm away). Then use a carving knife to cut along the floor plate according to the floor plate as a parallel ruler. Thus, we will have a floor slab with the right size for final installation.

Step 3: Moulding and skirting boards installation

The molding has the effect of connecting the floor when you want to change the color of the floor, connecting between two rooms, between two different material floors or ending at the edge of the wall. To install the molding, use glue to bond, can be Silicon, Titebond or Xbond glue.

The skirting boards have the effect of fixing the edge of the floorboard, pressing the floor to the ground, and at the same time covering the gap between the edge of the floor and the base of the wall. You just need to remove the spacer from the wall and put the skirting boards in. Use concrete pins or nails to attach them.

Finally, check again to see if there is an error, then clean the floor and so you have a satisfactory floor.

Notes on installation:

Following the instructions, you can completely self-construct NeoFloor SPC flooring. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Buy about 10% more floorboards than the actual room size to reserve in case of incorrect installation or need to be replaced in the future.
  • The first row assembly is very important so it needs to be straight, the joints should be tight.
  • The floor should be installed parallel to the direction of light entering to increase the aesthetics of the floor.
  • Note that the distance to the base of the wall is 5 -7mm.
  • This is the installation guide for NeoFloor SPC flooring. Hope these tips can help you install the perfect floor.