RC Group is proud to be one of the world’s leading manufacturers of SPC flooring. We always strive to pioneer to bring new and outstanding values ​​through professional service and high-standard quality products.

Always aiming for the most excellent satisfaction and pleasure for partners and customers, RC Group has established a research and development team of products with high technology content, applying advanced technology and leading modern machinery lines worldwide. As a result, every stage in the production process of SPC flooring is carried out and controlled in a scientific, thorough, creative manner, meeting international standards.

Confident in our global quality SPC flooring production capacity, RC Group provides diverse and flexible OEM product lines, meeting the tastes as well as all needs and strictest criteria of partners and customers in the flooring industry worldwide.

Spec Detail Notes
Core layer’s thickness (Including the wear layer) mm Min 3,2
Max 8
Multi core layer’s thickness (Not including the wear layer) mm Min 3,5
Max 5,5
Wear layer’s thickness (mm) Min 0,15
Max 0,7
Back padding layer’s thickness (mm) Min 1
Max 2
Types of padding can provide EVA, IXPE
Product’s width (mm) Min 110
Max 305 The width can be increased to a maximum of 610 mm, but the base can only be glued to a product’s maximum width of 305 mm.
Product’s length (mm) Min 450
Max 1860 It is recommended to make 1800 mm to ensure the quality of the product.
Types of clicking system that can be produced Uniclic, I4F
Types of bevels Micro, painted
Types of surface textures Wood, stone
Types of surface effects Nomal, EIR