EIR (Embossed In Register) technology – Perfect “engraving”

Applying EIR technology, RC FLOOR creates a new standard for product surfaces, aiming to feel and experience the most authentic and perfect for users.

EIR (Embossed-in-register) is the most advanced surface embossing technology available today. In more detail, EIR technology creates the surface effect according to the textures on the floor surface, like each layer of the small wood grain of natural wood. Moreover, the wood grain lines go into detail, with depth creating a very natural color transition for the floor surface. This unique technology makes a realistic look like natural wood while helping to optimize the anti-slip and scratch-resistance of the floor.


Patent locking technology from Unilin (Belgium) makes a difference.

With exclusive and perfect designs, Uniclic locking technology from Unilin (Belgium) brings many advantages, such as helping to hold the floor panels firmly creating great bonding force between them without using glue. Besides, it keeps the floor from warping, ensuring no expansion and tightness when there is a change in temperature and humidity of the environment.

Unilin locking technology makes floor installation easy and fast, maximizes water resistance 100% moisture resistance and brings high aesthetics to the floor. The investment and use of this high-tech lock line confirm the difference and class of RCG’s SPC technology stone floor.

Co-extrusion technology – Raise the standard of high-class flooring products.

The standard flooring product lines only have 3 – 4 primary layers. For RCG’s SPC technology stone floor, the product has an innovative, durable 5-layer structure including UV coating, Wear layer, Decor film layer, SPC rigid core, Underlayment.

Applying advanced Co-extrusion technology, SPC technology stone flooring continues to be upgraded and developed by RCG, creating a new standard for high-end product lines. The SPC core layer will be added with 02 adequate support layers, bringing the total number of product layers to 07 layers. Co-extrusion technology helps to optimize the ability to resist shrinkage or expansion, making SPC stone floors stable, “immutable” before any weather or temperature fluctuations, for a beautiful floor that is durable and timeless.

SPC Flooring Structure Rc Floor