SPC Floor Warranty Policy

1. Warranty Period

Wear Layer 0.5mm

Wear Layer 0.3mm

Wear Layer 0.15mm

Residential: 30 yearsCommercial: 15 years

Residential: 20 yearsCommercial: 10 years

Residential: 15 years

2. Warranty Conditions

  • The product is still in the warranty period
  • The condition for receiving the warranty is that the customer has activated the electronic warranty right after installation and has it on RC Floor’s warranty data.
  • The warranty coverage is for the end user only and is not transferable to others.
  • Customers will receive a free warranty against manufacturing defects, including:
  • Products are termite, rotten, water soaked.
  • Products are deformed, blistered, broken.
  • The product is discolored under normal conditions.
  • The product is damaged  wear layer under normal conditions.
  • Warranty is valid only in the event that all Manufacturer’s installation and maintenance recommendations are strictly followed..

3. Conditions not covered by warranty

  • The product is out of warranty period.
  • Failure to follow the installation instructions results in product damage.
  • Defective product due to user or weather.
  • Arbitrarily disassemble, relocate.
  • Faults related to the locking system due to foundation warping, undulation, improper lining material or overloading.
  • Using adhesives with SPC flooring is not suitable.
  • Improper cleaning and hygiene of the product leads to discoloration due to high concentration of chemical solutions and detergents..
  • The product is discolored due to direct exposure to sunlight.
  • The product is stained or discolored due to dyes, coal stains, tar, adhesives…
  • The product surface is scratched, concave, damaged by sharp objects, the user wears sand-stick shoes on the floor, heavy objects. It is recommended that the bearing capacity of the product does not exceed 69kg/cm2.
  • Product surface is scorched, warped due to exposure to flame or high temperature.