In case of any damage in transit from Manufacturer to Buyer, Buyer shall notify Seller within 15 days of receipt of goods, with clear and convincing evidence of the freight damage. Within 07 working days from receipt of such claim via email, the Manufacturer shall respond to the claim.
In case of any manufacturing defects or product inconformity (refer to Section I), the Manufacture Limited Warranty will be applied for a period of two years from the date of installation. The product will be manufactured according to the floor covering industry’s standards and tolerances in quality variation. A claim report for quality defects shall be submitted to Manufacturer within 30 days of the quality problem being discovered.
Manufacturer shall require clear photos, videos, description of problem and/or even samples for additional evaluation. Details of production lot and documents of selling product to end-users are required for all claims. Manufacturer reserves the right to inspect, or have the floor independently inspected by third party for defective product. Manufacturer will bear all the inspection cost if it is concluded to be manufacturing defects by the third party; Buyer will bear the inspection cost if it is concluded not to be manufacturing defects by the third party. Accordingly, Manufacture will at its sole discretion, either repair or replace that portion of the flooring determined to be defective of the same or similar style, quality, size, color. If Manufacture is unable to furnish equivalent replacement product, Manufacture may at its sole discretion, elect to refund the amount of the defective portion of the floor at original purchase price between Manufacturer and Buyer.
Manufacturer’s responsibility under this warranty only applies to hidden defects which were not visible before or during the installation of the floor. Flooring materials should be inspected prior to installation for any visible defects. Material installed with obvious defects will be deemed acceptable by the owner or installer and will not be considered for warranty.
These warranties apply only to the original purchaser of manufacturer and to flooring in its original installation. They are not transferable.


This warranty is made to subject the manufacturing defects or product inconformity only, including but not limited to:
Products are termite, rotten, water soaked.
Products are deformed, blistered, broken.
The product is permanently discolored under normal conditions (refer to Installation instruction, Care & Maintenance from manufacturer)
The product is damaged wear layer under normal conditions (refer to Installation instruction, Care & Maintenance from manufacturer)
Warranty is valid only in the event that all Manufacturer’s installation and maintenance recommendations are strictly followed. Manufacture reserves right to final judgement regarding the defect evaluation, approval for any repair or replacement.


Damage to product resulting from improper storage, handling and freight.
Failure to follow the installation/maintenance instructions results in product damage.
Arbitrarily disassemble, relocate.
The flooring is installed outdoor.
Faults related to the locking system due to foundation warping, undulation, improper lining material or overloading, subfloor is not qualified as manufacturer’s recommendation.
Using adhesives with click-lock SPC flooring.
Improper cleaning and hygiene of the product leads to discoloration due to high concentration of chemical solutions and detergents.
The product is discolored, faded or changed in color due to direct exposure to sunlight, UV light, heat or intense artificial light.
The product is stained or discolored due to dyes, coal stains, tar, adhesive, etc.
The product surface is scratched, concave, damaged by sharp objects, the user wears sand-stick shoes on the floor, heavy objects. Compression forces of heavy objects on the flooring (static loads) should not exceed 200 kgs per square centimeter.
Damage caused by improper rolling loads, use of chairs or other furniture without proper floor protectors or caster wheels; surface scratches, any modification made to the product, alterations, repair or service by a nonprofessional party. The rolling loads should comply with recommendation stated in Installation instruction by Manufacturer.
Product surface is scorched, warped due to exposure to flame or high temperature greater than 50oC..
Subfloor is not as qualified as manufacturer’s recommendation
Failure to follow manufacturer’s instruction about using flooring with radiant heat system