Thermo wood used to be the pride of Europeans. Scientists have used heat and steam to create products from from kind of  trees such as ash, pine, beech, and birch into wood that is much more resistant to rain, sun, snow, and frost than forest wood natural several hundred years old of Africa, Asia, America.

When thermo wood is combined with new technology stone flooring, we achieve more results than expected.

This combination not only reduces the amount of natural wood that must be used, but also creates floorboards with ideal texture and absolute flatness.

We are pleased with this product with twice feelings as it has produced excellent quality flooring with a fairly complete solution for protecting wood resources.



Why make the water-proof wood?

Current short-term plantations give us an output of thermo wood products of about 42,000m3/year.

The main raw materials are Acacia wood grown in the northern provinces of Vietnam and the wood materials are directly imported such as white oak, ash, originating in Europe and America.

Technically treated wood has the same texture as wood over 300 years.



Applications of thermo wood?

The most outstanding feature is that the thermo wood improves the stability of the wood. The premium Twicefeel Flooring offers both a beautiful natural wood finish and precision thanks to its superbly balanced texture.

Thermo wood is also especially suitable for the architectural style of nature, which is favored by professionals, architects and consumers around the world.

The application of this wood product is suitable for both interior and exterior spaces, the applications for ceilings, walls or furniture are very flexible.

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